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Melody discovers that

her dreams can come true...even

when they're nightmares. These dreams continue to haunt her as she passes from childhood to young adulthood, inviting trouble at home and school. Feeling forlorn and ostracized by everyone, a glimmer of hope reaches her when reunited with a childhood friend, Riley. He believes in her... and joins her on a journey to uncover the meaning behind her dreams. Their quest for knowledge reveals some fascinating

history of famous dreams

and dreamers.


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was born in Salamanca, Spain. At an early age his family moved to New York City. He adapted to the new language quickly perhaps because of his musical ear. Rafael began playing and singing in Spain at the age of 8, and shortly thereafter his father moved the family to New York City. By the time Raf reached prep school, he was playing American pop, rock and folk music when he befriended a fellow musician and classmate Trevor Brown. In fact the two would perform in the school production of DAMN YANKEES which was their first experience in musical theater. Upon graduation and into their twenties, the duo would perform together at various pubs and music halls locally. It was during this period that they began writing their own music. One particular song was called DREAM. It was a piece left unfinished. As happens all too often at that age, their paths would take them in different directions. Rafael went back to his native Spain where he studied medicine for two years eventually choosing music over medicine. He performed throughout Europe with his older brother Jaime before deciding to return to New Rochelle, where he began to perform with his younger brother Cristobal. They formed a flamenco troupe and even performed as gypsies in Franco Zeffirelli's CARMEN at the Metropolitan Opera for eight seasons. He decided to move to Manhattan and as fate would have it, he would run into into his old pal Trevor, who in fact was living less than 10 minutes away. At is at this time they decided once again to make music together. 

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was born in New York City and grew up in Pelham Manor, the youngest of a very artistic and musical family. After attending prep school with Rafael, Trevor graduated from Fairfield University with a BA in Psychology, where he starred in productions of Arthur Miller's DEATH OF A SALESMAN and THE CRUCIBLE, and hosted a weekly radio show.  Trevor attended film school at NYU's Graduate School of the Arts. He later returned to radio to work at several small market stations where he wrote, reported and anchored news before becoming a News Director at an NBC affiliate in Gulfport, MS. After a news writing stint for a major market radio station in New York City, WMCA, Trevor decided to start his own small production company/ad agency where he produced radio commercials and jingles for clients. It was during this time he began teaching at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting and eventually in the Communications Department at Iona College. Years later after a chance meeting with Rafael in Greenwich Village, they began to finish that old song about dreams that they had co-written years before. While they attempted to create and re-create a hit song about dreams, they left quality musical parts on the cutting room floor so to speak, which compelled them to write new ones. Other songs began as lyrics. But either way, within a few years they had co-written over twenty songs, many of which are a part of this musical. 

Current Cast

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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Act One Synopsis
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